Gerard Butler

This Scottish almost-lawyer traded in his higher education to pursue acting, little did he know that he would fall into some plum roles and STILL not be recognized. Leading off with small roles in British TV and stage productions, Gerard Butler found himself playing one of the most feared warriors in history for the USA […]

Shawn Ashmore This or That

Snowboarding or surfing. Shawn is already having a tough time but chooses snowboarding. He is after all Canadian. A double or a single. He chooses a double, no doubt thinking about his identical twin brother. Nicotine or Nicorette. This tells so much about a person. Shawn must be a smoker because he chooses nicotine.

Rudolf Martin This or That

BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?? Swordfish or Mahi Mahi? Swordfish Dracula or Lestat? Dracula Driving or Shotgun? Driving, after thinking about it. This is the first actor to actually know what this is. He is in Germany after all…wonder how fast he went on the Autobahn. Cigarettes or Nicorette? Claiming he is thinking outside […]

Interview with Rudolf Martin


Rudolf Martin has this chameleon quality about him which means you\’ve seen him, probably more times than you realize. This German actor has appeared in Swordfish, Bedazzled and in the TV series “24” and “Enterprise”. Although his roles have all been supporting he has stolen the scenes he has been in. Rudolf didn\’t think he […]

Interview with Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler is in a great mood. I ask him how he is and he goes on for a few minutes explaining how he was being fitted for costumes for his next movie Michael Crichton\’s Timeline that afternoon, how he trained at the gym, and how he is attending, on average, one and a half […]

Oded Fehr This or That

Mummies or Daddies? – daddies (but only after making sure the mummies was mummy as in the movie. Maybe somebody\’s thinking about little undercover agents.) Vancouver or Vienna? – Vancouver. (Probably a good idea seeing as UC:Undercover shoots there.) Driving or Shotgun? – driving. (Oded is a man who knows what he wants and how […]