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Some of us want to be entertainment writers, some of us want to work in the industry, some of us just want a job where we can wear our pajamas to the office and no one will mind.  And so with all of those things in mind we created Ones2watch4.com, an entertainment website that features up and coming talent in the entertainment business.

This site is being used as a tool of its owners to shamelessly promote the careers of actors, writers, directors and musicians that we like.  We don\’t care if you haven\’t heard of them, you\’re not the ones giving up hours of your time watching movies, watching television or surfing the net. That\’s our job. We are not getting kickbacks from anyone (yet).   Any minuscule funds received from the ads on this site go to pay for the hosting and domain name.  If we don\’t make anything, so be it, we are still going to post our thoughts.  This site is for our enjoyment and your education, so listen up!

Some of the materials you\’ll find on this site are exclusive to us and so remain copyrighted materials of Ones2Watch4.com. Other material has been scooped up off the net and no copyright infringements were intended by that.  Photos and text which have been taken from other sources on the net, or which are freely available on the net, are free to be copied and used elsewhere.  If anything on the site is seen as a violation of copyright laws, please contact us, and we will take it down immediately.  Don\’t sue us, we don\’t have any money or assets anyway.

All other materials are the property of the site owners, and should be labeled accordingly.  They are also free to be used for personal purposes, (i.e. printed out, or used as computer wallpaper.)  However, please do not use these materials on other websites, internet clubs or lists, without contacting us first and asking permission.  When in doubt about a photo, please ask. Generally, there should not be a problem with the use of these materials on other sites, but we\’d like to be contacted first, and then have credit given where it is due.

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