It\’s a Twilight Thing? So, explain it to me!

With the holidays over, I can safely say, I was bitten by the Twilight bug.  Thanks to my teen daughter, and her need to see the movie again and again, I finally had the time to see what all the fuss was about.  I read all the books in three days.  Yep, I was hooked, but increasingly I wonder why.

While the stories pulled me in and I had seen the film before ever reading a page of the series, why did I feel cheated the way the story was told on film after reading the book?  Is it because I am a much older reader, pulled in by the history of the Quileute Tribe and Cullen family more than the teen forbidden love?  Is it because I am a child of more darker vampire stories like Anne Rice\’s work? I was disappointed that more was not shown of Carlisle\’s hisory during Bella\’s first visit to the Cullen home as it was in the book.  The flight through the trees was impressive, but hardly necessary.

I will admit, I found the cinematic Edward Cullen creepy.  No offense to Rob Pattinson, who intrigues me as a future One2Watch4, but he wasn\’t the Edward I envisioned while reading the books. Of course, after multiple viewings of the film (which I make my daughter pay for out of her own money :D), I can see the nuances of his performance where he seemed much older than the character\’s 17 years.  That was the point after all and I hope to see more of that in the sequels.

I had no issue with the other kids.  Bella even reminded me of my own daughter in the way she dressed and acted.  The suffer-in-silence type.  Jasper kind of grew on me, but more because I wanted to check under his bed for monsters before he went to sleep.  Hopefully his story will be told well in Eclipse and more of what he is about comes out for film audiences.  It would be a shame to not do that story justice.

The love story certainly pushed a few buttons.  Who is not enamoured with a love so strong and binding?  Not that I haven\’t found a similar love, but as time passes, you seek things that remind you of that feeling, that passion, that tends to diminish after years of living a life of routine and the mundane, even if it is with your true love.

For all it\’s faults, I can\’t shake my attraction to the story, although I question some of why the characters did, or accepted, the things they did.  Probably too much thinking on my part, but I can\’t help it!  Sue me.

I hope beyond hope that Summit\’s rush to film and release New Moon, which is so obviously financially driven, doesn\’t become the Twilight fanchise\’s X-Men: The Last Stand.  My plea is, if it isn\’t working by September, for God\’s sake, push the release date back!  There is no crime in waiting.  I think fans are willing to wait for something great, instead of something you can put on a T-shirt.

So, tell me, what is it about the books and film that pulls you in?


  1. maryp says

    I can’t pinpoint what sucked me in (no pun intended). I read a lot of vampire romance novels and am a huge fan of Moonlight and True Blood, however, I had no intention of seeing Twilight.. and hadn’t read the books. My opinion was “Vampires without sex? What’s the point?”.

    Friends of mine asked if I wanted to go to the midnight “release date” showing. I figured.. what the heck.. it would be an interesting experience and fun to see my friends. Even if I had to put up with screaming teenage girls.

    Well.. I just loved the film. The characters had me intrigued. I’m a sucker for a good love story, and Twilight was certainly a love story. I’ve now seen the film 4 times and am almost done with the fourth book.

    My college age daughter was fighting the “Twilight” thing.. but agreed to go with me when she was home for Christmas. The film was barely over and she looked at me and said ” I want to see it again!”. She is not a big reader.. but is devouring the books. She says that I’ve ruined her life because now she’ll only be looking for HER Edward and we both know there aren’t any of them out there!

    My daughter and I are firmly on “Team Edward” and both had a hard time getting through “New Moon” since he wasn’t in so much of the book. I’m hoping that the director of the film will find a way to feature Edward more, without compromising the story.

    Robert Pattinson is definitely “someone to watch”!! I look forward to seeing him in other projects.. and while he’s not classically “handsome”, there is something about his looks that sure is easy on the eyes. I also like that he seems genuinely humbled by his head on crash with celebrity.

    I’ve started a “What do we do now?” support discussion for friends on a “vampire centric” site I belong to.. it’s for all of us who have finished the books and can’t wait for November ’09. Of course most of us are just starting the series over again.

    Who knew that PG-13 Vampires could be so enthralling?

  2. says

    I wasn’t sure to what extent I would like the books. It sounded like my kind of story, dark, yet romantic. The author of this post made an excellent point: “Not that I haven’t found a similar love, but as time passes, you seek things that remind you of that feeling, that passion, that tends to diminish after years of living a life of routine and the mundane, even if it it with your true love.” My gosh you nailed it on the head there. That feeling of being in a new, intense relationship – and a forbidden one just makes it that much more intriguing. After being with the love of my life for so many years you kind of forget that “new relationship” feeling.

    I have always had a thing for vampires, so I was sure I would like this series. It pulled me in so fast – within the first chapter I couldn’t stop reading. I knew I was hooked and would be buying all four books and running to the movie theatre as fast as I could. Now, for me personally, I found Rob Pattinson’s Edward not creepy, but one of the sexiest things I have ever seen on the big screen. He mesmerized me and thought he brought the Edward that I had read in the books to life. Amazing. And the fact that Rob sings on the soundtrack turns me into a 31-year old teenager. Gah! *ok, fangirl bit over*

  3. KC says

    I only went to see the movie because I had to take my teenage daughter, and it was easier to stay than to drive home and then pick her up again. Well, guess who ended up being totally obsessed with all things Twilight? I’ve now seen the movie four times and have read the series – all four books – twice.
    Twilight is still by far my favorite book in the series. I must admit I wasn’t that keen on the other three, although they’re growing on me. Both my daughter and I hated New Moon, actually; there are way too many chapters without Edward. And by the time you get to New Dawn, everything gets a little too bizarre, IMHO.
    As for what drew me in, I second what maryp says about it taking you back to finding that whole emotional turmoil of falling in love. Anything to wake you up from the physical and emotional stupor you’re in after 18 years of child-rearing and homemaking, right?
    I thought Rob Pattinson was the perfect Edward. I love his intensity and his ability to be convincingly charming and seductive, terrifying and frightening, self-assured and confused by his reaction to Bella. Despite the sometimes stark makeup and the contacts, he looks suitably gorgeous without being your typical Hollywood “pretty boy” who is only concerned with his own looks. It’s really too bad I’m old enough to be his mother, otherwise I’d probably plaster my bedroom with posters or something!
    I love the idea of a “what do we do now?” support group… that’s really funny!
    Lastly, is anyone else a fan of the Twilight soundtrack? I bought it for Bella’s Lullaby, which I’ve been struggling to play on the piano (I never really learned) but I love most of the other songs on there, too.

  4. says

    Thanks to everyone who have left comments on this so far. It pretty much solidifies my need to not feel like I have completely lost it with these stories. :D

    Just one clarification, my comment about Rob Pattinson’s Edward being creepy is probably preconceived in the fact that the first pic I saw of him as Edward was the cover of Entertainment Weekly, where neither he nor Kristen looked anything like their characters and I had no clue what Twilight was about. It was that image I couldn’t shake and probably why my mind wouldn’t process him as the character while reading the books. That said, so all you Rob defenders can rest assured, I fully appreciate that, as a human, I was SUPPOSED to find him creepy!

    That said, after reading my daughter’s movie companion book and a few print interviews, I can really appreciate what he did with the role (considering the movie could have easily turned into a music video) and that he was the best man for the job. His thought process into the character and trouble understanding certain relationships in Edward’s life that didn’t make sense to him as Rob, certainly moved his portrayal up a few points in my book ESPECIALLY considering his young age. I am hopeful for what else he can bring to the ageless character as the sequels progress and that Summit and the new director allow him the opportunity to make Edward the tortured old soul that he was and not just a sexy teenager with a secret. :D

  5. Linda says

    Ok…I’m going to be brave like Bella & admit that…GAH…I’m a 51 year old hardcore Twilight fan. I’ve always been a bookworm so when my teenage daughter started gushing about these books I thought it would be a fun series to share & talk about. WELL. I’ve read them all at least 6 times & saw the movie 9 times!
    “Twilight” really did bring back those long-forgotten butterflies, blushes & blunders of meeting my one & only (married 31 years now). Rob is the perfect Edward…Jacob still makes me smile with the blonde jokes…Alice, who doesn’t adore Alice? Jasper’s mantra must be “don’t bite Bella, don’t bite Bella”. ALL the actors are perfect, I think.

    I did not care for “New Moon” very much…as many times as I’ve read the darn thing I STILL cry when he leaves! I mean…I know he’s coming back! Holy crow what’s wrong with me? The Bella-Jacob development is fine, but there’s not enough Edward. I hope they can get him into the movie more without sacrificing the story line too much.

    KC…The soundtrack is awesome isn’t it? So great that I almost look forward to cleaning house just as an excuse to pop on the headphones & turn up the volume!

  6. deirdre says

    it’s amazing the effect twilight is having on people and i have been surprised by my own reaction to it. the first book came to my attenion through a fellow bookworm at work and when the film came out i was hooked and went to see it a second time and being in my thirties felt a little old but i love the story and the fact that two people who are so different could have such a strong deep connection . i thought that robert pattinson was perfectly cast as edward being charming , seductive, dangerous and frightening at the same time. i have now bought the rest if the books and finished new moon late last night and start eclipse tonight and agree in new moon not enough of edward. i bought the soundtrack to twilight just to hear bella’s lullaby which i love and could listen to all the time and the rest of the album is really good and can’t stop listening to it.


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