Michael B. Jordan

Michael Jordan

Do you ever watch a TV show or movie and think, “Wow that actor is really great”? Michael B. Jordan (the “B.” stands for “Bakari,” which in Swahili means “of noble promise”) is one of those actors. Michael was born in Santa Ana, CA on February 9, 1987.  His family later moved to Newark NJ […]

Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney

Jai Stephen Courtney’s blonde curls first appeared atop the studly Varro’s head in Starz channel’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010). With an ensemble of super testosterone cast, Jai cemented that sweet and adorable hunky quality that made him endearing in all of the ten episodes in which he appeared with Andy Whitfield. Soon after exiting […]

Eddie Redmayne


Eddie Redmayne caught the world’s attention last winter as the young man who befriend Marilyn Monroe during the filming of “The Prince and the Showgirl” in “My Week with Marilyn.” The 30 year-old actor already was known for his award winning stage work, but it was his role as Colin Clark that made him famous. […]

Lee Pace


I’m not going to lie. If you’re reading this profile because you saw Lee Pace in the new Twilight movie and you had never seen him before – that makes me a little sad. Now I’m going to cut you some slack since Lee, more known as a stage actor, hasn’t had much exposure on […]

Aidan Turner


Dark, striking, and bloody sexy, Aidan Turner exudes an unforgettable presence. He is currently in the much anticipated prequel to Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. As Kili, he is the dwarf who, along with his brother Fili, accompanies their uncle Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor. Before signing on […]

Stephen Amell


This October Stephen Amell will make his starring role debut in CW’s action adventure television series, Arrow, based on the Green Arrow character of DC Comics. As billionaire Oliver Queen, he plays a vigilante hero set to make amends for his family and clean up Starling City – much in the way of Batman and […]

Ben Whishaw


It happened to be one of those days when I chanced upon a screening for the film, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Based on the international best seller, the film depicted the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a gifted perfume maker, whose life takes a dark turn as he becomes increasingly obsessed with creating the […]

Michael Ealy


Tall, dark, and handsome: those are the things a woman looks for in a man. Heck, most of us would be happy with one or two of those out of the three! So what do you get when you add in soul-searching blue eyes, pillow-like lips, and a mesmerizing on –screen intensity? You get Michael […]

Tom Hiddleston


I’ll freely admit that a year ago I didn’t know who Tom Hiddleston was and then I saw “Thor” on May 6, 2011. I was riveted by Thor’s backstabbing little brother, Loki, and now I am longing to see what mischief he reigns down to cause “The Avengers” to assemble on May 4. While Tom […]

Taylor Kitsch


For those of you unawares, residing beneath a rock or two, Taylor Kitsch’s first love is hockey. Typical of a Canadian born and bred gent in Kelowna BC circa 1981, he ran ‘round with a stinky bacteria-filled duffel bag before an injury knocked him out of the player’s circle jerk and onto the street of […]

Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch will play a villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie set to be released in 2013. That seems appropriate to me. Why? Because he looks the part – he looks villainous. He has the kind of face that, were you to pass him on the street, might make you look twice and then […]

Ones2Watch4 Interviews Austin Stowell

Things are looking decidedly up for Austin Stowell. He’s on the brink of an exciting career with one film opening this weekend and one in post-production that’s already getting some attention. Previously, Austin had been part of the popular show The Secret Life of the American Teen. (In case you were scratching your head, trying […]

Dominic Cooper


Dominic Edward Cooper was born on June 2, 1978 in Greenwich London, England. Mother Julia, a nursery school teacher, and father Brian, an auctioneer, divorced when Dominic was 5. The family began to disintegrate when their daughter Claudia was tragically struck by a car and killed before Dom was born. It’s clear a passion for […]

Luke Evans


The first time Welshman Luke Evans pinged my radar was while I was attending Wonder Con 2011 in San Francisco with O2W4’s wonderful Editor Mo. What struck me first about Luke was his uncanny resemblance to Orlando Bloom. Who was this handsome man? And better yet, what kind of Fangirl was I for not already […]

Anton Yelchin


Seems to me if you’re looking for a young actor to play an iconic character in a remake, Anton Yelchin is your huckleberry. In the summer of 2009 alone Anton was in two blockbuster franchise reboots. But as accustomed as Anton seemingly is in these types of movies, he says he’s more at home in […]

Sam Claflin


I know here at O2W4 we continually say “you probably aren’t familiar with So-and-So yet, but you will be.” Being a fresh face on the screen is a big part of being One2Watch4. In the case of Sam Claflin, it’s probably a reasonable assumption that you have no idea who he is. And that’s simply […]

Mark Strong


You may think you don\’t know Mark Strong but I guarantee you\’ve seen him in half a dozen movies, at least. Remember Downey, Jr\’s nemesis in Sherlock Holmes or the guy who put the squeeze on Gerard Butler in RocknRolla or the impeccably dressed sexy Syrian agent in Body of Lies? That\’s right, those were […]

Jamie Bell


A stark, daring stare and brooding features burn in your memory when you first see Jamie Bell onscreen. If that doesn’t work, his acting talent surely will make you remember him. Currently in the film The Eagle alongside Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe), he exudes a quiet strength and self possession. For his role as Esca, […]

Cam Gigandet


There’s a scene in BURLESQUE in which Cam Gigandet’s character, in an attempt to woo his crush, is completely nude except for a very strategically placed box of cookies. Who knew a box of cookies could be so desirable! ;p Best known for his role as James, the evil vampire in the hit franchise Twilight, […]

Garrett Hedlund


Garrett Hedlund. “Who?” you ask. But most certainly not for long. He\’s been around. You probably didn\’t catch him when he worked as a Christmas tree salesman, and you likely missed him during that stint at the turkey farm, but if you saw, and managed to watch, Troy, he was Patroculus. That was a role […]

Ben Barnes


A few years ago you’d of been forgiven for saying “Ben Who?” But those days are thankfully behind us now. Benjamin Thomas Barnes was born on August 20, 1981 in London, England, a place he still calls home today. Ben first crept out of obscurity in 2008 playing the title role in the screen adaptation […]

Mark Salling


When I heard that Ryan Murphy creator of one of my favorite shows, “Nip/Tuck” was creating a new show for Fox, I was curious to find out what it was all about. “Glee,” Murphy’s new baby is a show about a fledgling glee club where the misfits and jocks come as one and like “Fame” […]

Chris Hemsworth


Thor, God of Thunder, God of Hunks for all that matters. At 6” 3” he walks onto the screen with commanding presence, his size and physique overwhelming the senses. In the trailer recently shown at Comic Con in San Diego, the second his shirt comes off in one scene a collective gasp and then ecstatic […]