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Zachary LeviLouisiana has given the world a number of memorable things – good food, great music, Mardi Gras and Zach Levi. Who is that? You know…


Unless you live in a hole or take up residence beneath large rocks, you’ve seen or heard of Zach Levi and his television alter ego. On the small screen since 2007, “Chuck” was recently renewed for a third season thanks to the devotion of herds of nerds who went on a sandwich-buying rampage when it was rumored the show would be canceled.

A big part of the appeal of the show is Zach Levi. A great actor with fantastic comedic timing, Zach is the title character of the hit series. He’s the boy next door, the reluctant hero, the fiercely loyal guy you want as your friend, the computer geek you call when the blue screen of death appears on your monitor. As it turns out his personality in real life isn\’t much different.

A friend (Mo) recently attended Comic-Con in San Diego and snapped a few choice pics of Mr. Levi. I have to admit that I didn’t recognize him. Tall, tanned, bearded and with curls that beg for fingers he looked more like a model than Chuck. No wonder he’s one of’s Top 25 Hotties. The man could melt butter with a look.

Look for him in the November issue of RELEVANT magazine and listen for him in the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel. You know you want to. Don’t make me chase you with a foot long sub sandwich and deploy some “Chuck-fu”.

Chuck returns to NBC in March of 2010. Yes I know, that\’s forever away!

Fan Sites:
Zachary-Levi dot Com
Chuck Online

Official Sites:
Zachary Levi dot Com
The Nerd Machine
Zach on Twitter
Chuck on NBC
Chuck on Facebook


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