Young Victoria

young-victoria-poster-0From the official site: 1837, Victoria,17, (Emily Blunt) is the object of a royal power struggle. Her uncle, King William (Jim Broadbent), is dying and Victoria is in line for the throne. Everyone is vying to win her favor. However, Victoria is kept from court by her overbearing mother the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson) , and her ambitious advisor Conroy (Mark Strong). Victoria hates them both. Her only friend is her doting governess, Lehzen (Jeanette Hain), but she is smothering and over-protective.

Victoria\’s hansome cousin Albert (Rupert Friend) is invited to visit by her mother. He is also the nephew of her uncle King Leopold of Belguim (Thomas Kretschmann). It\’s obvious that Albert has been coached to win her hand. At first she\’s annoyed as she has no intention of being married. She never wants to be controlled again. However Albert is also tired of being manipulated by his relatives. Victoria and Albert talk opening and sincerely and become friends. When he returns home she grants him permission to write to her. King Leopold is delighted and pushes Albert to woo her. Albert refuses because he knows she\’s not ready and he won\’t return to London until she invites him. Leopold reluctantly waits.

Meanwhile King William dies and Victoria is crowned Queen of England. Victoria\’s first decree is to banish her mother and Conroy to a remote palace apartment. She embraces Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany), the charming Prime Minister, as her sole advisor. They become inseperable and although his motives are slightly self-serving, he truly cares for her and wants her to succeed. Prince Albert returns to London to witness the coronation and the friendship between Victoria and Albert deepens. They spend happy hours together but it\’s obvious Victoria is under Melbourne\’s spell and he eventually returns to Germany.

The public loves their new Queen. She\’s cheered as she rides through the streets but this honeymoon with the public comes to a sudden end. Melbourne\’s party is defeated in the elections and his rival, Peel (Michael Maloney), demands that Victoria replace her ladies in waiting, who are all supporters of Lord Melbourne, with the wives of his own allies.  Victoria refuses. Peel resigns and the backlash is furious. The newspapers declare that Victoria is opposing the public\’s will. They are outraged.

It is only now that Victoria understands how much she needs Albert\’s support. Against Melbourne\’s wishes, she summounds the young prince back to England.This time Albert is determined not to be kept waiting in the wings any longer. Seeing his new resolution and struck by how handsome and sincere he is, Victoria invites him to marry her.

Opens North America December 18th.

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