Michael Ealy


Tall, dark, and handsome: those are the things a woman looks for in a man. Heck, most of us would be happy with one or two of those out of the three! So what do you get when you add in soul-searching blue eyes, pillow-like lips, and a mesmerizing on –screen intensity? You get Michael […]

Garrett Hedlund


Garrett Hedlund. “Who?” you ask. But most certainly not for long. He\’s been around. You probably didn\’t catch him when he worked as a Christmas tree salesman, and you likely missed him during that stint at the turkey farm, but if you saw, and managed to watch, Troy, he was Patroculus. That was a role […]

James Marsden


I never thought the words “thank you Kirk Cameron” would ever pass through my lips, but there you go. The Hollywood Urban Legend goes that a young James Marsden was vacationing in Hawaii with his family when he met the 80’s sitcom star. An invitation from Kirk to visit Los Angeles proved to be the […]

Bradley Cooper


Well it’s about damn time Bradley Cooper got some respect. I mean what does a guy have to do, have an impressive body of work that includes action, comedy and romance roles? Oh wait, that’s right. He’s done that already. Does he have to host Saturday Night Live to get any props? Well what do […]